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Restaurant promotion features on YouTube

So, you have just opened up a restaurant and you want people to know about the great food you offer there. You surely must have considered newspaper ads, online promotions and social media posts, but what about promoting it on Youtube? You might be surprised, but the video-sharing platform is the place to go when you want to advertise a dining joint, especially if you use professional services like YoutubeGrow. Here is how to do it!


Many restaurant owners avoid promoting their businesses on Youtube for two reasons: they believe they are either too busy for it or that it requires too much work. Both of these excuses are as far as possible from the truth.

As a restaurant owner, you get to spend a lot of time in the kitchen or in the dining rooms, regardless if you are also the chef or not. During this time, all you need to do is take out your smartphone and film a few seconds of minutes of the cooking process, the serving techniques and even the feedback given by your customers.

Once you get the time to put all these pieces of footage together, you can just simply upload them to your Youtube channel. The video-sharing platform offers a wide selection of editing tools that let you optimize your clips before delivering them to your audience. In time, these two effortless actions will become a routine act for you.


If you are too busy running your restaurant, ask some of your friends to help you with filming and uploading videos to Youtube. Friends can do this from your account, and then popularize your joint by sharing the links to the clip on their Youtube channels or other social media accounts. Once you will get the necessary time to do all this promotional work yourself, you will already have a base point from where you can develop.


Youtube videos that feature restaurant services do not have to say a complex story. Most users who watch them want to know what’s on the menu, how does it look like, and eventually what previous customers had to say about it.

In this regard, you should skip unnecessary features like voice over videos. Instead, let the images speak for your restaurant. Create a collage of clips that show how you prepare your food, and how it looks like when it reaches the serving table. Also, ask some of your eating customers for video tutorials, and insert them into the collage as well.


You could have some of the tastiest food in town, but if the Youtube channel of your restaurant barely has two dozen subscribers, it will attract very few of the billions of people who roam social media every day. That is why you should always focus on attracting a large audience and increase the number of followers as best as you can.

To get this strategy off the ground as soon as possible, you can opt for paid Youtube subscribers. Professional services can provide you with such followers that come from real users and high-quality accounts. When new potential customers will visit your channel and see a significant number of followers, they will be more inclined to watch your presentation videos and visit your joint as well.


Last, but not least, promoting your restaurant on Youtube should be at least a weekly entry on your agenda. Posting the opening of the restaurant and the first few dishes you cook there is not enough. You should use your Youtube channel to post frequently about your menu, your staff, new dishes, and events. This way, subscribers will always tune in to your account for more updates.


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