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Most famous restaurants around the globe world you must visit once in life

People love to explore new places while traveling and their most important task is to find the best dining places. Food is something that remains in mind and its taste on the tongue for years. The world is full of amazing hotel and restaurants. Some are famous for their unique designs and interior and some are for their brilliant food. But in reality, any different or special factor stuck in mind. People prefer that place that is cheap and good. But sometimes these combinations are rare to find because of many restaurants even expensive but they have a huge number of customers. Not only they pay a big amount of money but also wait for their table to available. Even though these restaurants have a very small place but this thing never effects on their popularity.

Here we listed restaurants that are renewed because of their different food and other specialties.


Brief introduction:

The famous restaurant of Blackrock is owned by Damien Grey, an Australian chef. The duo of heron and grey is always ready to give your taste buds a new and yummy treat of 12 menus that only opens on three nights and two lunches per week. Dishes are seasonal. They have a different specialty in every season. Though the location of this restaurant is in the seaside suburb of Blackrock people come from far areas to taste at least a single meal of this restaurant.

Fine interior:

The main hall is decorated with banquette seating and plain tables, with the open kitchen to view until the end. Dublin’s banqueting scene is taking a moment and that is the reason, everybody wants the table. But people booked their table months ago.


Brief information:

This restaurant is a start that is shining on Manhattan’s sky. The owner Keith McNally makes it like mini Paris for New Yorkers. People get fascinated by its unique style and setting. The main attraction of this place is its interior that is still showing the 12 years old picture of this restaurant. The owner keeps this place as same as it was on opening time. The specialty of this place is its seafood platter and mouthwatering onion soup that serve with garnished cheese.

Fine interior:

The beautiful environment decorated with red banquettes that cover with golden mirrors. Above all the luminous lighting creates a dreamy atmosphere that adds more character to the entire environment. It’s a perfect choice for a romantic date with your loved one.


Brief information:

In 1987, Sir Terence Conran and Paul Hamlyn was the owner of this amazing place, with their chef Simon Hopkinson in the kitchen. They all loved au Poivre (a steak) and fish soup the color of rough copper cooking pots. Though the meal is expensive when you leave the restaurant you will surely feel pleasure because of their service, food, and interior.

Fine interior:

At Bibendum, the Stained-glass brings pure sunlight in spring day. The whole atmosphere automatically converted into a fairyland. It mostly consists of grandiose that is rare mostly in London. People enjoy the food with old interior that fascinate them.


Brief introduction:

The owner, Chef Jock Zonfrillo is ready to give you heavenly flavors with their special dishes named Dorrigo, finger lime and zig-zag wattle. The place is tiny but beautifully arranged with only 10 tables. People book this place in advance for makes their experience memorable.

Fine interior:

It looks like Wine Island that enclosed in artful vessels, natural flower arrangements make this place very simple and natural. It’s a tiny but beautiful place.



The chief of this restaurant called it a place of happiness. Freixa welcomes every guest of it with warmth and love. The way to serve the food is amazing and quite unique. No doubt it's the best place in top ten countdowns but with very tiny space of seven tables only. This is the main cause of its popularity.

Fine interior:

It’s a face-lifted design with minimum space of people. It’s an open space with beautiful scenery of span and that showing curves against black-and-white montage floor.


Brief introduction:

This restaurant is one of its kinds. It is famous for seafood. Many dishes are being popular in Japan. The famous ones are Japanese cockle and purple urchin along with sushi that freshly presented by the chef.

Fine interior:

It's a five-storied restaurant but the famous place is its first floor with its simple blond-wood cladding and tatami chairs.


Brief introduction:

Many years ago, the opening of this restaurant comes to place. It is situated on the Oltrarno sideways of Ponte alla Carraia. This area is famous for where you’ll still find the odd artist carving and sewing that later further addition of a wine inn and bakery.

Fine interior:

gently vaulted ceilings, terracotta grounds, shelves of Super Tuscan

Interesting information:

From Barolo to Brunello they have an amazing wine list that is known as the holy drinker. It means you will find any type and quality of wine you need.


Brief introduction:

it is a modern Scottish restaurant that constructed in the heart of Glasgow’s Finnieston region. The menu is specially made up with the best native seasonal portions and having both wild and nurtured. They specifically associated with their producers, agronomists, and vultures to produce a real palate of Scotland. The famous wines series and main course are changing according to the season.


Brief introduction:

Chef Armand Arnal’s running this restaurant. Here you can get every kind of food. If you are a vegetarian, you will get tasty veggies with specials spices and serving. Chef Armand did many experiences to make their food more presentable and tasty. You can enjoy fresh seafood and other lean meats to fulfill your food desire that brings you to this place in France.

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